Kayla P.

As a individual with an educational background and training in bench-research, graduating with a degree in biomedical research at the global shutdown due to COVID-19, I took an opportunity to engage with another side of research that I had worked with before, but wanted to know more about. I worked with my PI and other research colleagues with a sponsored projects office, receiving instructions of materials needed to complete grant and requests for funding that we took interest in, and ultimately, working with the grants team to work through the projects. As I aspired to take my training to industry, I was looking for a chance to learn all the aspects of Research and applicable funding that would aid in my success as an independent industry researcher. However, what I’ve learned as a Research Administrator was far beyond what I had expected and I know proudly say that i have found my niche in the realm of research. So in the fall of 2020, I joined the team here are Northwestern University and have been challenged, excited and dedicated to assisting Principal Investigators in seeing their work be completed in an efficient manner that aids in their success at the University and takes the project management pieces off of their shoulders!