Pennsylvania State University, College of Medicine


Grants and Contracts Administrator

RA: The 1990's

I started in the department level, working post award in two different departments and then I went to the Central Office – Controller’s office, still doing post award. I stayed there for over 10 years and then I moved over to the pre-award side. It has been interesting to see the differences and also see how it all comes together and how important it is to work together for a common goal.

Caryn Z.

Proposal and Award Generalist IV

RA: 2020 - Recent

I began my career at UT Austin in the Parking department actually. I was there for a year when a member of our OSP office can to my parking garage window with a question about a ticket, and we got to talking about their department since it was in a different part of campus. They learned about my undergraduate background and encouraged me to apply to an administrative position in their department (NOA processor) so I did and was given the opportunity to start my career. I was in that department in post-award and then moved to a pre-award/post-award hybrid in the UT Austin College of Education Dean’s Office. I learned everything pre-award remotely due to Covid, and then when I moved to PA I joined PSU’s College of Medicine.