Pre-Award Lite

Goldfish Grow To Fit The Size Of Their Bowl

Research Institutions Grow To Fit The Size They Can Administrate

Pre-Award Lite makes Streamlyne Research more affordable, faster to deploy, and easier to use. It is essentially a slimmed-down version of Pre-Award that provides enough data for the most often requested report requirements with the least amount of administrative burden. This means that it will take less time to implement, have fewer fields to complete, be simpler to use, and save you a bundle of money! Additionally, Pre-Award Lite collects electronic PI signatures on compliance questionnaires, automates central office review and sign off, and monitors post-submission special review activity. Replace your shared drive and paper processes with a single electronic document that consolidates all proposal intake forms, routing forms, and certification forms. If you are a smaller research institution and working on a shoestring budget, or a larger institution that is not interested in S2S, and you are looking to grow your research volume, Pre-Award Lite is your solution.

Is Pre-Award Lite Right for Me?

  • Yes, if you’re a smaller institution working on a shoestring budget
  • Yes, if you’re a larger institution who feels full eRA features are overkill for your needs
  • Yes, if your institution plans to implement full eRA functionality but you prefer a project path that affords you fast productivity gains, keeps impact to your investigators to a minimum, and preserves options to add any combination of features later with ZERO REWORK

What is the minimum proposal data collected in Pre-Award Lite?

  • Proposal Number
  • Fiscal Month & Year*
  • Proposal Submission Type
  • Proposal Status
  • Proposal Title
  • PI Name & Profile
  • Administrative Unit
  • Sponsor ID
  • Sponsor Name*
  • Comments Field
  • Deadline Date
  • Deadline Time
  • “Created By” Username*
  • Creation Timestamp*
  • “Last Updated By” Username*
  • Last Updated Timestamp*
  • Total Project Period Start & End Date
  • Initial Period Start & End Date
  • Total Project Period Direct Costs
  • Total Project Period F&A Costs
  • Initial Project Period Direct Costs
  • Initial Project Period F&A Costs
  • Initial Period Total Costs*
  • Total Project Total Costs*


What else does it do?

  • Stores copies of all documents with the proposal data, eliminating the need for shared drives.
  • Includes configurable smart questionnaires to collect institution-specific compliance information and PI certifications.
  • Provides optional defaulted approval routing based on PI and administrative unit.
  • Delivers the ability to build or add to routing on the fly.
  • Consolidates proposal intake forms, routing forms, and certification forms into a single electronic form.
  • Automates central office review and sign-off.
  • Includes post-submission notifications for IRB reviews, IACUC reviews, Intellectual Property reviews – any review you can think of, really – to ensure you remain in compliance at all times.
  • Tracks submission statuses: Funded, Withdrawn, Not Funded, etc.
  • Collects data in a standardized way to ensure consistent reporting.

What are the integration options?

  • You may elect to use our standard outbound batch integration for funded proposal data intended for your financial system (scheduled and/or on-demand).
  • You may elect to implement our standard batch integrations from your HR software to maintain user data in Streamlyne without human intervention.
  • There is a direct upgrade path to Streamlyne Proposal Development should you find yourself ready for full Pre-Award with S2S functionality.
  • And, of course, Pre-Award Lite integrates seamlessly to the Streamlyne Post-Award product suite, the Streamlyne IRB and IACUC modules, and the Streamlyne COI module.

Need A Bigger Bowl?

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