• Streamlyne Launches

Streamlyne Launches

Vivantech is proud to announce that it is officially rebranding Ekualiti enterprise software to the new name, Streamlyne. This new brand was born out of a renewed promise by the company to enable organizations and their employees to operate more efficiently and effectively. We call this promise, ‘Empowering Efficiency’, because streamlining your organization brings more than just cost savings or enabling you to get more done in less time. At its heart, it gives you the agility to move quickly and the strength to accomplish your goals.


Along with the new name and logo comes a whole streamlined look, which is instantly recognizable and reinforces our values. The energetic orange logo in a streamline shape moves forward, showing the continual progression of our company and our clients. The hang glider image illustrates the ‘gliding feeling’ that administrators get when they use our software, turning their daily work into a breeze.


The product line underneath the brand is also being renamed and now consists of: Streamlyne Research, Streamlyne Finance, Streamlyne Workflow, and Streamlyne Reporting. If you are looking for powerful administration software for your organization that is modern and will keep you running efficiently, you need to Streamlyne!