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Vivantech Is Now Streamlyne

Vivantech has changed the name of their company to Streamlyne, which was previously just the brand name for their line of enterprise software. The company launched the new Streamlyne brand for its line of cloud-based enterprise software back in August of 2016. The response to the new brand had been so positive, the company explored the possibility of making it the brand of the entire company.


The ideals that the Streamlyne brand stands for seemed to embody the ideals of the company as a whole. The Streamlyne brand stands for empowering efficiency throughout an organization, because streamlining brings more than just cost savings or enabling you to get more done in less time. At its heart, it gives you the agility to move quickly and the strength to accomplish your goals. The aim of the company is to be the conduit though which organizations become the most efficient and effective versions of themselves that is possible. The company felt that the Streamlyne brand really reinforces that goal and communicates it much better than the Vivantech brand, so they decided to make the change.


Streamlyne is confident that this change will help to propel the company to new heights and connect with the higher education, research institution, and state & local government markets that it serves.