About Streamlyne

Streamlyne creates custom technology-driven solutions to improve research administration. We want what you want – the best tools to do your job. That’s why our integrated software suite deals with every aspect of the research administration lifecycle. There are solutions for increasing funding for your program, managing your team and resources, and applying keen data insights and metrics for better results. And we work tirelessly for our clients – leading universities and standalone research programs, to help them achieve success. These are among the reasons Streamlyne has become the Gold Standard in research administration.

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Research administration
runs on our software.

Many of the nation’s leading universities and standalone research institutions choose Streamlyne as a proud partner and software vendor of choice. Here’s a small representation of our growing and thriving user community.

We care as much as you do.

Even with our growth over the years, we have never lost sight of what is most important: people. Our users are hardworking, industrious individuals who are the unsung heroes of their research programs. Our team is comprised of specialized software engineers, system architects, and data geeks. We continually fund new innovations in our products, for both new and long-term users, because it matters.

Giving Back

We celebrate our user base and those working hard to advance the field of research administration. Here are examples of how we devote our support and expertise to help strengthen the research administration community.

Streamlyne through the years

From humble beginnings to a global talent team, here are a few highlights from our journey over the decades.