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Introducing Streamlyne Analytics – the new tool designed to give research administrators the reporting edge they need. This refreshing approach to research expenditure analysis provides data insights, benchmark comparisons, and reports that are easy to use and understand.


Streamlyne Analytics leverages the Higher Education Research and Development Survey (HERD), which details institutional research expenditures. Using our proprietary data modeling, it presents this information in new and insightful ways, making the reporting more tangible and hands-on.

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Streamlyne Analytics enables research administrators to better visualize and understand research expenditures, which is one of the key metrics used to quantify the research strength of an institution. And it does so through a clean and intuitive interface.

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Here are some pivotal questions you’ll be able to answer using Streamlyne Analytics:

  • In which research area have we experienced the most growth?
  • How effective was the research development initiative we implemented 3 years ago?
  • Which sponsor has increased our expenditures the most over
    the last several years?
  • What is my research expenditures profile and how has this
    changed over time?

Being able to answer these types of valuable questions with confidence and accuracy ushers in a new level of transparency around research expenditures.

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