A Brief History of Streamlyne:
20 Year Celebration

Celebrate our 20th anniversary with us! Here’s a look at how far we’ve come, and the path back to where it all started:


Throughout our 20th year, we have committed to an ambitious development roadmap, including groundbreaking eRA features and new software solutions. These innovations are intended to benefit not only new clients, but also those who have been with us since the early days.


We changed the name of our software from Vivantech to Streamlyne, and in 2017 we adopted Streamlyne as the official name of our company.


We began introducing our breakthrough enterprise SaaS products in the cloud, starting with the first cloud-based version of our research administration software. Since then, we’ve invested over $10.7 million in development to ensure our software best serves the unique needs of research administrators.


In addition to implementing our own systems, we became a certified Workday integration partner, demonstrating our implementation proficiency. Even now, our development roadmap is still influenced by our users and their wish lists!


We turned our full attention to the higher education and research sector with our first eRA implementation, coming in as collaborators in planning, implementation, training, and support. This partner mentality helped to solidify the approach we bring to our user institutions, even to this day.


Starting as a specialized web development company, we quickly transitioned into building larger enterprise systems. During this time, we expanded into the technology consulting business, providing expertise in business process reengineering, custom software development, tech stack solutions, and quality assurance.

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