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Try our interactive dashboard below to see how funding is distributed across institutions. You can also see where your own program ranks. This is one small demonstration of our reporting capabilities and how valuable information can be used to inform your own research program.

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About the HERD Visualizer 

Use the visualizer above to display the total R&D expenditures by funding source. You can apply the filter to see the top ten institutions within each funding source category and top 10 by highest % increase in R&D expenditures vs the previous year. Search/filter by institution to see their overall expenditures, rank, and their change from the previous year. You can also view the overall trend of R&D expenditures over the span of a decade.

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About Streamlyne Research

Founded in 2003, Streamlyne Research is a comprehensive eRA system that was created to empower efficiency throughout the research administration lifecycle. Whether you make use of one, many, or all of the included Streamlyne Research modules, your organization will benefit immensely from the shared data and seamless integration, which reduces redundant and inconsistent data entry. 

From Pre-Award to Award, Compliance, Reporting, and Integrations, ours is the only research eRA to offer 100% uptime, which creates collaboration and stability across the entire research ecosystem. This is why Streamlyne Research has become the trusted partner and provider for leading research institutions who depend on the integrity and adaptability of their eRA systems.

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