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Now featuring 2022 data - the newest data set released.

You will unlock our interactive dashboard that shows how funding is distributed across institutions. You can also see where your own program ranks. This is one small demonstration of our reporting capabilities, and how we turn unmanageable data into clear and insightful features that improve your research administration.

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Those who want the full picture will want to go straight to HERD Visualizer PRO instead of the Lite version above. This PRO version is available on demand, with a low-cost monthly or annual subscription. If you want to capture more benchmarking and comparison data that will be relevant to your program, the PRO version will have what you are looking for.

About HERD Visualizer

Try out the visualizer above to enjoy limited features and samples of displaying total R&D expenditures by funding source. You can apply the filter to see the top ten institutions within each funding source category and top 10 by highest % increase in R&D expenditures vs the previous year. Search/filter by institution to see their overall expenditures, rank, and their change from the previous year. You can also view the overall trend of R&D expenditures over the span of a decade. And the PRO version can do much more!

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