This just got interesting.

Streamlyne FundFit is the tool you need to secure funding for
your research program. Because Opportunity Search was just the
beginning. Imagine AI and Machine Learning working together to
put together your best fit research teams. And it all happens
within minutes.

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FundFit and we will follow up soon.

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Streamlyne FundFit harnesses AI and Machine Learning to assess your team’s strengths and capabilities. Then it matches
your own researchers to the best open funding opportunities. All you have to do is approve what the system comes up
with, or fine-tune to your liking.

Here are examples of what you can accomplish:

  • Create your institution’s “A Team” drawing from your current pool of
    researchers for any given funding opportunity
  • Match funding opportunities to the skills & backgrounds of your current PIs.
  • Identify the most suitable potential collaborators at other institutions with complementary expertise to your PIs
  • Search for opportunities best suited to your most underutilized researchers

That’s just the beginning of what will be available for those onboarded early. With each new upcoming FundFit release, there will be new features and functionality that makes pursuing funding easier, faster, and more enjoyable than it’s ever been before

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