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Streamlyne FundFit can help to secure funding for your research program, and put your research teams to best use. Imagine Machine Learning and our proprietary system working together to help assemble your best fit research teams. And it all happens within minutes. FundFit’s primary focus is intelligent researcher team building, as well as internal and external collaborations to increase the odds of winning funding.


Our first cohort of FundFit users is active and our user base is growing. If you want to experience the power of FundFit, Research Funding Software for your own organization, and see what’s possible, please sign up below.

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Streamlyne FundFit harnesses AI and Machine Learning to assess your team’s strengths and capabilities. Then it matches your own researchers to the best open funding opportunities. All you have to do is approve what the system comes up with, or fine-tune to your liking. 

Q: Will FundFit provide me with insights about my own research team?

Yes! FundFit will show you interesting insights about your own researchers, in real time, and within seconds of initiating a session. 

Q: Can I use FundFit to help dictate which funding opportunities my research department goes after?

Yes, FundFit will help you evaluate, prioritize, and pursue funding with guidance and recommendations made by our proprietary system. This may help to give your institution a competitive advantage by putting your best suited researchers forward for the right opportunities.

Q: If I already have access to an opportunity search tool such as Pivot or Spin, can I still keep it and also adopt FundFit?

Yes, at your option. If you already have a tool you like such as Pivot or Spin, you can continue using those tools for opportunity search in conjunction with FundFit’s unmatched power to build dream research teams. FundFit’s primary focus is intelligent researcher team building, as well as internal and external collaborations to increase the odds of winning funding. Additionally, if you want to bypass FundFit’s opportunity search feature altogether, you have can manually enter opportunities you have sourced elsewhere.

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Here are examples of what you can accomplish:

  • Create your institution’s “A Team” drawing from your current pool of
    researchers for any given funding opportunity
  • Match funding opportunities to the skills & backgrounds of your current PIs
  • Identify the most suitable potential collaborators at other institutions with complementary expertise to your PIs
  • Search for opportunities best suited to your most under-recognized researchers, making use of algorithms aiming to reduce seniority bias

This is a representation of the features that current FundFit users are already enjoying. With each new upcoming FundFit release, there will be new features and functionality that makes pursuing funding easier, faster, and more enjoyable than it’s ever been before.

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