Our History

A.K.A. – How We Got To Be So Cool

Streamlyne was founded in 2003 in San Diego, California under the name Vivantech. While we started as a web development company, we quickly transitioned into the development of larger enterprise systems for clients in a variety of industries. We grew into the technology consulting business, gaining expertise in business process reengineering, custom software development, integrations, and quality assurance. In 2007, we entered the higher education and research sector with our first eRA implementation. We expanded our practice more into that arena, assisting in the planning, implementation, hosting, training, and support services at more institutions. In 2010, we also became a certified Workday integration partner for the growing number of institutions which were adopting that solution and needed it to work with their other enterprise software.


In 2013, we introduced the first of our line of enterprise SaaS products in the cloud, starting with our research administration solution. In 2016, we changed the name of our line of software to Streamlyne. Since 2013, our software benefited from $10.7 million in innovations as it is completely unique in the industry. The response to the new brand had been so positive, the name of the company was changed to Streamlyne as well in 2017. Currently, Streamlyne serves clients in the research, higher education, and government sectors with our enterprise software in the cloud and professional services. Our aim is to be the conduit though which organizations become the most efficient and effective versions of themselves.