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Agile Transformation

By now, most organizations have discovered Agile and the powerful affect that it can have when adopted, but getting your organization to that point can be difficult. We are able to help transform organizations so that they can thrive in a new kind of environment that is flexible, collaborative, self-organizing, and fast changing. The organizational culture must change to embrace self-organization and collaboration and everyone in the organization must truly understand Agile and its value in order to reap the rewards of a transformation. The principles and values of the Agile Manifesto doesn’t just apply to development teams, but can be taught and exercised throughout any type of organization. Whether your team is new to Agile or trying to scale Agile, we have the training courses and coaching solutions to help you succeed.

Agile Training

The ideal way to get your organization or project team up to speed on the basic concepts of Agile and related implementation methodologies is through Agile training. There are often many misconceptions and surrounding Agile when people talk about using it, but good training can bring about clarity and a deeper understanding Agile concepts. The Agile training courses that we offer are highly interactive and have a hands-on learning approach, enabling participants to hit the ground running and successfully implement agile methodologies within their departments and across the entire organization.

Agile Coaching

An Agile coach helps teams grow strong in applying Agile practice to their work. It takes time to adopt these changes, so teams often need someone to spend time with them to help them to become more aware of their workflow and how to collaborate effectively. Our Agile coaches help you to find and identify the most efficient changes you can make to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of your team and products.

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