Oklahoma State University

Cindy M.

Senior Coordinator, Sponsored Programs

Became an RA: The 2000's

I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in business with an undergrad in Marketing and I knew I wanted to pursue my graduated degree, so I hounded Oklahoma State University for a job. I didn’t really care what job, just as long as I was able to get my foot in the door… and that’s how it all started for me. I started the day before my birthday in 2001 in the centralized office of Oklahoma State University. I remember that week like it was yesterday because I cried thinking what in the world did, I get myself into?! But then I made lifelong friendships… I worked my way up to a grant manager and then life took its toll on me, and I needed a big change. I went through a divorce, our computer systems changed (everyone knows the pains of that), so I decided to move to one of the departmental offices and it has been the best decision yet. I feel like I make a difference. I get to be my PI’s biggest cheerleader; I help them submit their proposals and lift them up when they don’t get that coveted grant they have been wanting. I keep telling them to try and try again and eventually they will be funded. When they are funded, that to me is best reward I could ever receive as a research administrator. It’s my favorite!