Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Jeffrey G.

Proposal Administrator II

Became an RA: The 2010's

I actually started in the field of Research Administration when I was in graduate school as a graduate assistant for the Research Compliance team within the Office of Research from 2015 to 2016. In 2017, a job opening in the Pre-Award division became available within the same office. I applied for the position because during my time as a graduate assistant, I was intrigued by the many facets of Research Administration (i.e. Pre-Award, Research Compliance, and Post-Award). In February of 2017, I was offered the positioned as a Proposal Administrator I. Since then, I’ve learned many new things that I would never have imagined I would learn if it was not for my time as a graduate assistant. The knowledge I have obtained and the impacts I have made with faculty through research and innovation have made this experience one to remember. In addition, I’ve met some amazing colleagues through Research Administration whether it be through my institution or the professional group known as National Council of University Research Administrators, specifically Region V. The networking I have done through my years of service in my current role has been quite beneficial to my career path. In our field of work, there is much more to learn because change is inevitable and we are always adapting to the changes that evolve in the world of research!