University of Connecticut Health Center

Jennifer M.

Sponsored Programs Specialist

Became an RA: The 2000's

I started as a research assistant with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology working on a study about the genetics of alcoholism. Looking for a change (and having an extremely supportive boss/PI), I transitioned to a role providing administrative support to faculty and their research teams in the same department. This gave me enough experience to earn a promotion to a role providing administrative management to a smaller Center within the University. After about a year in that role, I was recruited by the then-Director to join the grants office as a Sponsored Programs Specialist and I got the job. The progression for me leaving my research assistant position to joining the grants office happened very fast (less than 4 years) and now I’ve been in the same role for almost 14 years! Still learning or experiencing something new every day which keeps me on my toes!