Yale University

Mary R.

Grant Administrator

Became an RA: The 2000's

I started in research administration as a part-time office assistant for a grant-funded center at the university where I had just started going to graduate school. Because it was on campus, it seemed like a good fit for me. As I slowly learned my tasks, I also began to learn more about grants requirements and budgeting and allowability, etc. Looking back, I was a department research administrator even if my title did not reflect it at the time. When my institution’s OSP decided to reorganize into smaller research service centers for each college, I jumped at the chance to get my foot in the door with the central office and expand my professional development in the research administration field. I’ve been doing it ever since and have enjoyed learning new things every day.
I have now worked at a large public university, a small private research institute and a private university.

Jill E.

Director, Research Administration - Yale School of Medicine

Became an RA: The 2000's

I began my career after graduating college in the human resources field. One day the accounting side of the business office I worked in asked if I would be interested in reconciling some grant accounts since they were way behind schedule. I was hooked right then and there and have been very happy to be involved in research administration for over 20 years.

Beth K.

Associate Director, Subaward Management Team

Became an RA: 2020 - Recent

A friend of mine who was already in Research Administration encouraged me to apply for an entry-level RA position in 2010. I did, and I was interviewed, but I was not offered a job. The same position came up in 2011, and she pushed hard for me to try again. I did, and that time I was successful! That was 12 years ago, and my friend has since left RA, but I am forever grateful to her for encouraging me to try again. It truly changed my life.