Introducing Pre-award Lite, our new eRA offering designed for smaller institutions, making Streamlyne Research even more affordable, faster to deploy, and easier to use.

Pre-Award Lite is a slimmed down version of Pre-Award that provides enough data for the most often requested report requirements with the least amount of administrative burden. It takes less time to implement, has fewer fields to complete, is simpler to use, and saves you a bundle of money! Replace your shared drive and paper processes with a single electronic document that automates and consolidates all proposal intake forms, routing forms, and certification forms.

All of this from just one page with 16 hand-keyed fields and 8 auto-populated fields:

Additionally, Pre-Award Lite collects electronic PI signatures on compliance questionnaires, automates central office review and sign off, and monitors post-submission special review activity (IRB, IACUC, Export Control, Etc.). Delivered reports include: Hit Rate Reports, Approval Rates by PI, Revenue Projections, Pending Support, Overall Success Rates, etc. And as always, no re-keying!

Pre-Award Lite offers a document repository, where all attachments related to the submission are stored in the system. It collects electronic signatures from PIs for certification, includes “smart questionnaire” capabilities, and supports optional departmental routing to the administrative department. The tracking features manage all special review statuses on the submitted proposal, along with cost share and underrecovery distribution, study personnel, pending effort reporting, and much more. There is also a delivered outbound batch integration for funded proposal data to your financial system.

If you are a smaller research institution and working on a shoestring budget and a short timeline, or if you are a larger institution that is not interested in system-to-system submission, Pre-Award Lite is your solution. Ask for an estimate or glide-through demo of Pre-Award Lite today!

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