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 Streamlyne Research Overview

If you are considering a new eRA for your research administration, look no further than Streamlyne Research. Only one eRA is worth its weight in gold, and without the high sticker price. Our community of user institutions know that Streamlyne Research far exceeds any competitor when it comes to features, value, ease of use, and commitment to customer service.

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Bring our popular eRA software to your research program

Founded in 2003, Streamlyne Research is a comprehensive eRA system that was created to empower efficiency throughout the research administration lifecycle. Whether you make use of one, many, or all of the included Streamlyne Research modules, your organization will benefit immensely from the shared data and seamless integration, which reduces redundant and inconsistent data entry. 


From Pre-Award to Award, Compliance, Reporting, and Integrations, ours is the only research eRA to offer 100% uptime, which creates collaboration and stability across the entire research ecosystem. This is why Streamlyne Research has become the trusted partner and provider for leading research institutions who depend on the integrity and adaptability of their eRA systems.