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Streamlyne X

Streamlyne X

Process Transformation For Organizations

Including Educational Workshops Using Our Proprietary SHARP Approach

Ever thought to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way of doing this”? Are you looking to enact a major change in your organization, but don’t know here to start? Is your institution, agency, or company struggling to stay efficient? The problem could be that dated business processes are making it difficult to adapt to constant, disruptive change. At the heart of every organization there is an “X” that it must do to fulfill its mission, strategy, goals, and objectives. We help organizations see that how they do “X” is probably not aligned with what they strategically want to achieve. By assisting organizations in determining what it is they must do and how they do it, we support the achievement of strategic alignment and process transformation within Agile timeframes. Let us show you how to align your business processes with your strategic intent in an engaging and practical workshop. For other organizations that are interested in adopting Agile, we offer transformation services in the form of training and coaching to help them thrive in an environment that is flexible, collaborative, self-organizing, and constantly changing. Workshops and consulting are led by Alec Sharp, the secret weapon of successful organizations and author of the best-selling book “Workflow Modeling”. Benefit from consulting expertise to set your organization back on the right track, and skills transfer to help them adapt to the challenges ahead. Available dates fill up fast, so book your spot now!

Streamlyne NOW

Streamlyne NOW

Enterprise Application Modernization

State & local governments rely on a variety of complex enterprise applications, but these systems are often costly, can have poor performance, and are inflexible. To solve these problems, Streamlyne offers enterprise application modernization services which chiefly involve cloudification. The benefits of moving your enterprise application to the cloud, or even on a hybrid computing environment, may include increased cost savings, performance, reliability, scalability, agility, security, extensibility, supportability, and interoperability.

Cloud Assessment

  • Technical Feasibility
  • Business Case
  • Operational Impact
  • Migration Planning

Cloud Implementation

  • Requirements Definition
  • Migration Design
  • Containerization
  • Application Migration
  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Production Cutover

Cloud Management

  • Provisioning Infrastructure
  • Monitor Apps & Infrastructure
  • Optimization
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