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eRA software with AI features and decades of expertise

Streamlyne Research is the eRA software suite developed for everything research administrators need. This includes connected modules, cloud-based security, and industry-leading uptime, along with AI-driven features. As a result, your organization will experience immediate benefits by adopting Streamlyne Research.

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Our modules and features include: Pre-Award, Award, Compliance, Reporting, and Integration, which all co-exist under one cohesive system. Let us end your practice of expensive cobbled-together software to ‘get by’ and spreadsheets that fill in the gaps of what your current software can’t do. We will go head to head with any competitor to show you that Streamlyne Research is the best, without question.

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Only Streamlyne Research has UI by YOU™, our groundbreaking new feature that enables custom interface configurations done by YOU! This ensures that every user has access to the exact modules and permissions they need without any excess distraction.

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More institutions than ever are recognizing that Streamlyne Research has everything they need for highly successful research administration.


Here are some key advantages that are unique to Streamlyne Research:

  • Over 130 ready-to-go reports plus custom reporting options
  • Fully cloud based architecture (no on-premise) for the safety and integrity of your data
  • Creates straightforward processes across your entire team and eliminates confusion
  • Integration with all leading HR and payroll software

Join our community of leading institutions that have embraced Streamlyne Research and enjoyed improvements across their entire lifecycle.

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