• Streamlyne X Process Transformation

Streamlyne X Takes Off

Streamlyne is proud to announce new service offerings:


Streamlyne X – Process Transformation For Organizations


Streamlyne X comprises various offerings, including educational workshops, consulting expertise & skills transfer, Agile transformation, Streamlyne X Clinics, and our Streamlyne X Transformation Challenge.


At the heart of every organization there is an “X” that it must do to fulfill its mission, strategy, goals, and objectives. We help organizations see that how they do “X” is probably not aligned with what they strategically want to achieve. By assisting organizations in determining what it is they must do and how they do it, we support the achievement of strategic alignment and process transformation within Agile timeframes.


Workshops, consulting, and clinics are led by our process transformation expert, Alec Sharp. Alec has 35 years of hands-on consulting experience, practical approaches, and a global reputation in model-driven methods. He literally wrote the book on business process modeling – “Workflow Modeling – Second Edition.”  Alec’s popular workshops on Working with Business Processes, Data Modeling, Use Cases and Services, and selected advanced topics are conducted around the globe at many of the world’s best-known organizations.


Let us show you how to align your business processes with your strategic interests in a practical and engaging workshop. Available dates fill up fast, so book your spot now!


What’s your “X”?