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Streamlyne Analytics is here to usher in a new level of transparency in bringing your data metrics to life. Harness the full power of your data to inform the decisions you make every day, and to improve measurability across your organization. Want to know how Streamlyne Analytics works, and the impact it will make on your research program? Read on!


Streamlyne Analytics enables research administrators to gain a better understanding about where their institution stands as compared to similar institutions.

Though HERD data and other sources, you can see exactly how your expenditures and other measures stack up against peers and other leading universities.


See custom-built data models of your entire research program and how key researchers in signature areas act as conduits for collaboration. Use historic research data to find researchers that are in each research area of interest and how they their “importance” in terms of centrality and connectivity. 

This enables you to better understand the nodes and clusters existing within your institution so you can see how information and work processes flow inside your organization.

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Through Streamlyne Analytics, use your proprietary data from Streamlyne Research and elsewhere to quantify the impact of a strategic initiatives. Bring together multiple data sets for cross-source calculations and visualizations.

For example, if you were about to undertake a significant investment (building, hiring, resource allocation), what would the hypothetical impact be on your program? Streamlyne Analytics is here to tell you so you can feel more confident in your decisions.

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