Job Type: Contract

Streamlyne is a dynamic, fast-growing SaaS company that partners with university research departments and independent research institutions.

Streamlyne is looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer for a project in Los Angeles with the following qualifications.

Expected duration of the project is one year.


  • Implement enterprise solutions based on OpenShift by Red Hat, integrating with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technologies including software defined networking (SDN).
  • Work with application development tools including Jenkins, Eclipse IDE and Git.
  • Create and maintain container automation solutions using OpenShift and Ansible.
  • Collaborate with project team members to meet timelines and goals.
  • Contribute to project documentation and diagrams including quality assurance and ticket and bug management,
  • Mentor and transfer knowledge to coworkers and 3rd parties.
  • Work with senior staff to increase adoption of automation techniques and DevOps and Agile processes to improve software delivery including business-IT alignment, infrastructure and application uptime and availability, and time-to-market.
  • Design and advocate solutions using cloud technologies, design principles, integration points and automation methods.
  • Standardize open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and DevOps solution delivery in Ansible playbooks.
  • Deliver presentations to upper management and users.
  • Provide as needed after hours support at the discretion of the Portal Development Section Manager.


  1. Four (4) years of experience within the last six (6) years performing Linux OS administration
  2. Two (2) years of experience within the last four (4) years performing all of the following:
    1. Shell
    2. Coding in PHP and Java
    3. Coding in Python or Ruby
    4. Experience with web security
  3. Two (2) years of experience within the last four (4) years performing all of the following:
    1. Red Hat OpenShift security
    2. Backup, archiving, and disaster recovery
    3. OpenShift backup server/cartridge.
    4. SSL
    5. Application snapshots
  4. Three (3) years of experience within the last four (4) years performing all of the following:
    1. GitHub
    2. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery tools like Jenkins or Altassian
  5. One (1) year of experience within the last two (2) years performing all of the following:
    1. OpenShift 3.0 or Docker
    2. Kubernetes
    3. Ansible or Puppet or Chef
  6. Two (2) years of experience within the last three (3) years supporting Drupal, Joomla, WordPress or CMS equivalent.

To Apply

Please email us your resume and cover letter for consideration and we will follow up with qualified applicants.