Top 10 Tips for Evaluating eRA Software Vendors

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evaluating eRA software vendors 10 tips

Looking for the absolute best solutions out there for your research program? The most important decision you make on a daily basis is how committed you are to your eRA software. And more importantly, how committed your eRA software vendor is to you.

We have put together our Top 10 Tips for evaluating and selecting an eRA software vendor. This resource was developed after years of experience in research administration, and based on the anecdotes we have heard from those seeking the best eRA software. You’ll see we have tried to be as unbiased and informative as possible! This way, you can review the facts and make sure you have the knowledge you need to move forward and choose the best software vendor for your research program.

Here are our Top 10 Tips for evaluating eRA software vendors as a free resource for you:

Thoughts to bear in mind regarding eRA software

Adopting the right research administration tools is like any other long-term relationship. If you are getting everything you need, then you are happy and fulfilled. But if you are paying premiums and not receiving much in return, the relationship quickly becomes one-sided.

As Streamlyne Research is one of the fastest growing and most popular eRA software products, we do everything in our power to make sure our partners are set up to be successful. We hear their stories about other vendors and some of the things our now-customers have endured. There is a reason Streamlyne has become the gold standard for research administration – because we offer things that the others simply don’t, including a level of care and commitment to our partner institutions.

This is the reason Streamlyne has become the go-to provider for so many high performing research programs; we know how to help and support you.

Why your choice of eRA software really matters

Whether you are a research administrator for a university or a private research institution, you need access to the best tools available for the role. Central to everything is the adoption of the ideal eRA software (electronic research administration) because it connects everything together.

For example, our modules handle Pre-award, Award, Compliance, and much more – all in one interconnected system. In addition, we have sophisticated reporting (over 131 customizable reports) to deliver the insights you need on demand. Additionally, Streamlyne Reporting offers drag-and-drop report creation, along with dashboard generation, customization, and distribution. All these features help to deliver the functions and insights you need for productivity and team optimization.

Further, we go where you go throughout the day, with integrations into Workday, Oracle Financials, Oracle e-Business, PeopleSoft HR, Banner HR, Banner Financials, One Solution, and even homegrown systems. So, there is virtually no limit to what Streamlyne Research can accomplish.

Choosing the right eRA software vendor

Going back to our relationship analogy at the beginning – breaking up with an eRA software vendor can be hard to do. The eRA you have now is likely so intertwined with your processes that it can seem overwhelming to ever separate from it. But if your software is holding you back, or it is creating more problems for your research program than it solves, then it’s time to make a change. But how do you go about this?

In all honesty, there are only a small handful of eRA software vendors who service higher education, Streamlyne included. A quick Google search will find them all. They may each say compelling things, making it confusing to decide which vendor is right for you. This is why our Top 10 tips for evaluating eRA providers is such a useful resource. It will help you filter through the noise that’s out there and jump straight into informed questions and answers. It’s one small example of how we set our partner institutions up for success.

Moving forward with Streamlyne Research

If you have a pending RFP for research administration software, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We are well versed with the RFP process and will take all the steps on our end to ensure that Streamlyne comes through with flying colors.

Or, if you have the ability to sole-source, please connect with us as well. We will pair you with a friendly and knowledgeable product expert who can speak to all of your considerations regarding eRA software. Regardless, please know that we are here to guide and advise you through this process.

To set up a custom demo or exploration of Streamlyne Research for your research program, please click here:

And again, if you haven’t saved this free resource for yourself, please download our Top 10 Tips for evaluating eRA software vendors as a free resource for you: click here

We look forward to hearing from you soon regarding how we can help make your research program the best it can be!