East Carolina University

Joseph M.

Grant Manager

Became an RA: The 2010's

When I started at ECU in 2016, my supervisor has a HRSA grant for GWEP program. Her project coordinator recommended that I start learning grant processes so I could move into research administration. She said with by business and finance experience I would do well in post award management. (I had managed an insurance office and was a licensed insurance agent for 10 years prior to coming to the university.) So I learned what I could and then moved over to an admin position with the University’s Office of Research Administration(ORA). From there I learned more of the central office processes and how billing, post award management, and award setup worked together for the grant life cycle. Next, I took a position as a financial analyst for award setup with ORA. With that position I learned how to setup awards correctly in our banner system and to make sure the award was correct from the notice of award to manage the award. From there I transferred to my current position as Post Award Manager for a research hub. So I have experienced the departmental level work, research hub level, and central office level work in research administration. Who knows where I will go next. Thanks! Joseph Moore

Jessica M.

Grant Adminstrator

Became an RA: The 2010's

I begin my career in research administration in 2013. The idea of research administration support at the department/college level was not conceptualized until our college began experiencing excessive overspending on external funds and frustrated faculty were refusing to submit proposals without someone to directly work with at their level. It lead to my former Associate Dean of Research creating a team of professionals specialized in research accounting and administration. I’ve since transitioned from that college and was temporarily working in another role/job capacity but returned to research administration in 2016. My years away helped me realized that this is the field for me. There’s nothing like it! Everyday is different and I enjoy serving my college and community through our work with faculty in proposal development and post-award management.