Georgia Institute of Technology

Marisela B.

Contracting Officer / Research Administrator

Became an RA: The 2010's

Much like many others, I stumbled into what I now call home. My background is in state government contract and grant management, so I was already familiar with the the funding streams. I bounced around to a few positions within the enterprise that taught me immensely about our organization. I became familiar with GA’s Purchasing and Exchange Agreements (NDA,DUA,MTA) supporting our research. These stops along the way were pivotal in the growth I needed to be ready to become a Research Associate/Contracting Officer. I am now in a position of constant growth. I am surrounded by peers with a passion, that have really helped me be where I am today. With the help of NCURA and other internal professional training programs, I am fortunate to have best practices and help at my fingertips. It’s been a winding road, but the path now seems clear. I have found a true passion 7 years in the making, but for what I have been building towards my entire professional career.