Notre Dame

Cheryl L.

Research Project Manager

Became an RA: 2020 - Recent

I had been running clinical research trials at Notre Dame for 10 years, and I was becoming weary on soft money, you know… the grant is done, so the job is done. I loved doing the research but I needed to get off of soft money, and I wanted to do more than run the projects, I wanted to help PIs at a deeper level.

I saw a Notre Dame job posting for a team of project managers who focus on financial administration aspects of research, such as; creating budgets, managing spending, finding and fixing financial issues, etc. The team also helps to manage clinical studies, including ensuring compliance, we also find funding sources, manage subs, and help with grant writing. Essentially, my team and I, we free up PI time so they can focus on their next project, instead of carrying the tremendous weight of Research Administration.

I have learned a great deal in the past year and a half regarding the administrative side of research, I know I have more to learn, because (nearly) every day a topic comes up that I am not yet well versed in! It can be challenging, but I love it when I accomplish something, especially when it leads to a PI getting a new project going!