Research Foundation for SUNY - Buffalo

Amy L.

Agreement Administrator

Became an RA: The 2000's

I started my journey in Research Administration back in 2003. I was working in Corporate America, and had been dodging layoffs left and right, and was looking for a job that was more stable.

My sister worked at the University at Buffalo so I started looking through the postings. The Grants and Contracts office was looking for an Account Establishment Specialist, and since I did do that where I was currently working I took a shot and got the job. I have since moved up the ranks to working on proposals and submitting them. It has been the most challenging, frustrating, and rewarding job I have ever had but I don’t regret taking the job at all.

A funny side note – about 1 month before I was hired in Grants and Contracts, I had bought a new car with new license plates, and they started with APT-XXXX. My mentor Phyllis at my new Research Administration job saw my license plate one day and said I was destined to work in Grants and Contracts since my new job was setting up (A)wards – (P)rojects – (T)asks. My license plate told me this was the job for me before I even took it!