University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

BreeAnna K.

Award Specialist II

Became an RA: 2020 - Recent

I graduated from college in 2018 with an Accounting degree. I immediately started in an entry level accounting position for a non-profit organization. In 2020, one of my coworkers told me that her husband worked for the University of Arkansas in the Research Administration department and there was a job opening. I looked into the role and it sounded really interesting so I applied, interviewed, and got the job. Little did I know, they were right in the middle of an ERP implementation (Workday) and it was very chaotic. After 3 years, I am so glad I stuck around to see things get even more chaotic, but in different ways. I have learned so much about Research Administration and I would have never known this type of job existed if I hadn’t been recommended to the position. It has been a wild and fun ride.