University of Maryland


Business Services Specialist

Became an RA: 2020 - Recent

I was hired last year as a “Business Services Specialist” for the research office at UMBC. Little did I know, I was about to embark upon a path that may change my career path completely.

Michael W.

Director, Office of Sponsored Programs

Became an RA: The 2000's

Started in 2008 as an entry-level Specialist with no prior experience. I took the job in order to have my employment at the institution where I was completing my PhD studies. It took me four more years to complete my PhD, but I stayed on in the Office of Sponsored Programs, using some of those educational skills to elevate my job performance, and eventually, my position in the office. Today, I am the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs!

Christian G.

Contracts and Grants Coordinator

Became an RA: 2020 - Recent

I began working as a research administrator shortly after graduating from college. I have always been interested in research and development, especially when it comes to partnerships with the government. When a job opportunity came along at a local university, blending both my passion for research and business (my college degree is in Business Management), I decided to pursue that.

With no prior experience in research admin, I began that job and have been learning as I go ever since. I find the work extremely interesting and there is never a shortage of things to learn or improve upon.