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software integration eRa to university software

At Streamlyne, we work well with others – including other software! We commonly field questions about whether our proprietary software integrates with other popular software, and the answer is almost always a resounding YES! Even on the rare instances where we don’t already integrate with a program essential to your workflow, we will find a solution. For example, we have built custom software integration with all kinds of HR and payroll solutions, likely including the ones your institution uses every day. We know how important seamless integration is to our users, and we make it a priority.

Even on its own, our Enterprise Research Administration (eRA) software makes work easier for you and your PI’s. Streamlyne Research introduces time-saving benefits and integrated modules that bring your administration to the next level. So imagine how much better the experience gets when all your most important software interconnects. For example, this may include Streamlyne Research software and your HCM, ERP, LMS, university software portal, and others.

Tying these types of systems together securely means an exchange of information, data on demand, and a virtual elimination of redundancy. Whether you implement just one of our modules or the entire Streamlyne ecosystem, we customize your integration with the same guided approach we bring to all of our implementations. We also deliver our exclusive project management dashboard and use Agile methodology, which enables us to deploy integrations on schedule and tailor them to your needs.

Software Integration Partners

Here are some of the enterprise resources we’ve successfully integrated with Streamlyne Research for our customers. You may find one or more of your current systems-of-record listed:


Chances are, if you haven’t used Workday yourself, you know someone who does. Offering a range of cloud based financial solutions, Workday is a widely popular platform with a variety of applications geared toward enterprise and higher education. We have integrated Streamlyne Research seamlessly with Workday for many of our clients and we will do the same for you.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials ERP

Oracle Fusion Cloud is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution. More adaptive than the traditional ERP, Oracle Fusion Cloud avoids the challenge of maintaining on-premises solutions, which can tie you to systems that fail as they become outdated.

Oracle e-Business

With over 30 years as an on-premises ERP platform, Oracle e-Business Suite has a long history of providing enterprise financial solutions. Oracle’s long-term commitment to support e-Business Suite means that our users could potentially stay with this platform through at least 2033, and we will be there alongside them as they continue and eventually transition to a cloud-based configuration.


PeopleSoft offers HCM, ERP, and campus solutions for higher education, along with a variety of other applications. Whether you are committed to PeopleSoft, or planning to migrate to Oracle Cloud, Streamlyne has seamless integration solutions ready to implement for you.

Ellucian Banner

Offering an entire ecosystem of workflow solutions for higher education, Ellucian Banner shares the same prioritized commitment to user experience that we at Streamlyne hold. Our integrations with Banner HR and Banner Finance means there are no gaps between your eRA and ERP systems.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Originally developed as Great Plains, and acquired by Microsoft in 2000, Microsoft Dynamics GP is an on-premises offering that is scheduled for end-of-life in 2025. Whether you plan to transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or find an alternative for your institution, Streamlyne has integration options for you. In fact, we can even offer you ERP implementation consultation services with the same Agile philosophy we use to implement our own systems.


A global leader in human capital management, ADP provides, HR, payroll, benefits, and related software and services.


Specializing in student information systems (SIS) and ERP for institutes of higher education, Jenzabar platforms offer a complete eco-system that includes everything from student registration and recruitment to HCM.

Homegrown Systems

Wanting to bring on better software partners doesn’t automatically mean having to abandon your current system. In fact, many institutions have built their own internal financial solutions from the ground up. If this is the case, our team will work closely with yours to integrate across platforms. As a benefit, you can continue working within a system that works well for you and your colleagues. Simultaneously, you can enjoy the same zero re-keying convenience as our clients with external ERP systems.

Add your system-of-record to our Official Software Integration Partners

Finding and implementing software that works with your requirements can be daunting. Especially complex is identifying software that integrates with the tools and systems you use everyday. Streamlyne’s team is with you every step of the way to make the process as painless as possible and establish a lasting relationship with your team and institution. Regardless of whether your current administration system is on the list, we are ready to show you how the custom integration process will work. This includes short term considerations, and also planning for future phases as your institutional needs evolve.

Reach out and request a demo to see for yourself how integration and implementation is part of what makes us the Gold Standard for enterprise Research Administration software.