Software Solutions for a Connected Workforce

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software solutions connected workforce

In today’s dispersed work environment, it is more important than ever to keep connected. In fact, a connected workforce is vital for achieving high quality performance. For example, in 2021 the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) conducted a survey. It asked participants about the benefits and challenges of remote and hybrid work. Respondents cited difficulties in maintaining a connected workforce. They listed communication and collaboration as two of the top challenges. These areas are consistent with the challenges our partners come to us with. In fact, we often hear from research administrators that if communication and collaboration slip, it impacts the ability to support an engaged, satisfied team.

Fortunately, there are dozens of software applications designed to support a connected workforce. Some of these applications are designed for increased communication, while others allow for real time data collection and document sharing. Still others celebrate togetherness through gathering spaces and virtual recognitions.

A handful of these applications are listed below. However, the list is far from exhaustive. In practice, adoption of these applications depends on team needs, functionality, and institutional investments.

The right software can help support a connected workforce. Further, the best tools create a shared workspace that dispersed employees can use together. Whether work takes place across a college campus or across the globe, Streamlyne tools support collaborative, connected teams. This increases operational efficiencies and overall team productivity.

Our eRA software solution for a connected workforce

At Streamlyne, we have an industry-leading approach to enabling offsite and remote teams to work harmoniously. As a result, our popular eRA software is adopted by high-performing research programs. This enables them to collaborate and stay in sync from anywhere. Here’s how we do it.

Streamlyne Proposal Development

Up to three users can edit a proposal simultaneously:

  • one in the budget module
  • one uploading and editing attachments, and
  • one in the proposal record.

As a result, this parallel work process supports collaborative proposal development. As well, information collected in Proposal Development can serve double duty for opportunities. This is carried out through Streamlyne’s System-to-System (S2S) submission capabilities. For example, S2S submission reduces added keystrokes, the need for additional reviews, and the likelihood of translation errors.

Streamlyne Award

With one click of a button, three standard report views are available to share with team members and key stakeholders. Through automated reminders and alert notifications, important deadlines are not missed. This helps to improve team project management by organizing and displaying due dates and statuses of required reports. Additionally, Streamlyne Award provides one place for project related documents – such as notices of awards and award modifications – making access to project documents a breeze.

Streamlyne Reporting

Our Streamlyne Reporting enables users to create proposal and award reports and graphs. As well, they can assemble their own dashboards and share them with others. Additionally, leadership can use reports to recognize and celebrate proposal and award activity across teams.

Streamlyne Dashboards

Key stakeholders, such as Principal Investigators and administrators, have a consolidated view of proposal and award-related data across the organization. Also, users with roles and responsibilities in a process are made aware of their action items so that work keeps flowing.

Streamlyne Negotiations

Staff can track award activities, prioritize workflow, and identify areas for increased efficiencies. There is also full documentation of award activity transactions. To benefit all, this supplies transparency into the state of an award negotiation.

What this means for your own research administration program

Adaptation is a must, and most institutions have adapted to the “new normal” of fully remote or hybrid work environments. Regardless of your own current configuration, Streamlyne tools provide additional solutions for maintaining a vibrant and connected workforce. This helps assure you have highly connected and motivated teams, and the best eRA software on the market.

To learn more about Streamlyne Research, please set up a custom demo. One of our knowledgeable team members will walk you through all of the advantages for your institution, and what you’ve been missing without the best eRA software for research administrators. We’ll also explain how to switch over to Streamlyne Research (it’s easier than you think) and give you some food for thought about why others are making the change. You won’t want to miss it!