Streamlyne Announces Select Tier Status in Amazon Web Services Partner Network

By December 21, 2020 No Comments
streamlyne AWS partner program

Streamlyne is excited to announce our recent designation of Select Tier status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), putting Streamlyne in league with other AWS APN Partners such as Deloitte, Hitachi and IBM. Over the past 17 years, Streamlyne has established itself as an integral partner to leading research institutions, and the use of AWS will make it possible for Streamlyne to continue to provide stable research infrastructure for these customers, many of whom are still recovering from the unique challenges brought by 2020.

With the stability and growth infrastructure that can come with AWS, and the ingenuity of Streamlyne’s development team, Streamlyne has upheld its 100% uptime pledge – a bold claim by SaaS technology standards, let alone for a robust platform that powers entire universities. This pinnacle of uptime support has been achieved continually, without disruption, for over three years. It is this kind of devotion to customer care and innovation that has set Streamlyne apart.

“Long before these recent changes in research work environments, we knew we needed to have the absolute best solution on the market,” said Randy Ozden, CEO of Streamlyne. “It’s gratifying that AWS took notice of what we accomplished over the past seven years together, and how committed we are to the institutions we serve.”

The news comes at the heels of AIRI 2020, a conference for the Association of Independent Research Professionals, of which Streamlyne was a marquee sponsor. During the conference, Dr. Anthony Fauci received the 2020 Public Service Award, which was particularly moving for Ozden.

“Hearing Dr. Fauci speak with compassion, integrity and humility to our research community was incredibly emotional,” said Ozden. “And he asked us all to do our part. So between the stability Streamlyne Research creates for our nation’s most critical researchers, and the work we are doing through our free COVID-19 resource, we will continue leading the charge and stepping up as called upon.”

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