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The Proposal Development module provides for the collaborative development of a proposal, including the collection of data and attachments required by your institution for approvals, reporting, and tracking. Up to three users can edit a development proposal concurrently: one in the budget where detailed and modular budgets can be built using your rates and object codes, one uploading and editing attachments, and one in the remainder of the proposal record where details about the project personnel, compliance details, and additional summary data is entered. Information collected here can be used to support internal processes and procedures for all submissions and can serve double duty for opportunities through its System-to-System submission capabilities.

The Institutional Proposal module provides a versioned master record for the proposal. An Institutional Proposal is automatically created when a development proposal is finalized and can then be edited throughout the life of the proposal to update information such as adding newly hired personnel or changing the status of a compliance area requiring special review.

The Proposal Log module provides a record for a proposal that you do not submit through Proposal Development. Users (usually from the sponsored projects office) can create a Proposal Log for paper proposal submissions or for awards received prior to an electronic proposal.

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